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Javed and Mohsin instantaneously swathed those five words in a peppy tune. They didnt stop there; they went on humming how the song should go. Shabbir Ahmed (Lyricist) liked it and asked them to fine-tune that as he had made up his mind to introduce them to his producer. Later on, they were introduced to director duo Abbas-Mustan, who bought the song for his next film, Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karun (Kapil Sharma sparrer ) and thats how the song, DJ Bajega Toh Pappu Nachega came into existence and so did the new music director did there debut, Javed-Mohsin.


Cousins from their maternal side, Javed and Mohsin belong to the same tree of kirana Gharana. Their maternal grandfather Padamshri Ustad Fayyaz Ahmed Khan Sahab of Kirana Gharana is a legendary name in the world of classical music. A plethora of stalwarts, including Ustad Dilshad Khan, Umrao Jaan and Kabhi-kabhie fame music director Khayyam, Ghazal maestros like Talat Aziz, Penaz Masani, Sonali Rathod, actresses like Simmi Garewal, Sulakshana Pandit, lyricist and wife of the legendary music director SD Burman, Mrs. Meera Dev Burman, story writer and wife of the Great Yash Chopra, Mrs. Pamela Chopra and many more learnt music from him.

Khan Sahabs son-in-law and father of Javed, Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan Sahab was one of the most celebrated Tabla player in Classical music and film arena, both. From giants like Shankar-Jaikishan, OP Nayyar, RD Burman, Kalyanji-Anandji, Lakshmikant-Pyarelal, Ravindra Jain to Disco king Bappi Lahiri and New age sensation Anand-Milind all wanted him on Tabla for their recordings. On the other hand, Padamshri Ustad Fayyaz Ahmed Khan Sahabs another son-in-law and father of Mohsin, Mohammad Mustafa Shaikh Sahab is an interior designer by profession, but he is a true music aficionado by nature.

A poetry hobbyist and an ardent fan of Madan Mohan Sahab and Kaviraj Shailendra, Mustafa Sahab is so informed of Bollywoods golden era that even the musical family calls him the Encyclopedia of Old Music.

Professional Journey

Despite being born in such a legendary musical family, neither Javed nor Mohsin could take formal training from their legendary maternal grandfather. There was no question of Mohsin as he was born in the latter part of the same year in which Khan Sahab left for heavenly abode. But, Javed was blessed with good amount of time to be spent with Khan Sahab and he did too. May be thats the reason he was never taken under Khan Sahabs wing as he was always there, unofficially. It was almost the same case with his father, Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan Sahab. Javed used to carry his Tabla-bag to the musical shows and recordings, would listen to him play Tabla with other stalwarts; yet he could never become his disciple. But, Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan Sahab could see that Javed had a knack for music,. Hence, he sent him to learn Sarangi from Padamshri Ustad Sultan Khan Sahab in order to strengthen his classical base. Javed became his disciple in the auspicious presence of epitome of Ghazal, Mehdi Hasan Sahab and Tabla doyen Ustad Allah Rakha Khan Sahab. Later on, he learnt Tar Shahnai from far-famed Shri Vinayak Vora Sahab and Piano from ace Pianist Mr. Tony Pinto.

By that time mohsin was completing his studies and used to take parts in all intercollege music / singing competition's and festivals music used to always flow in his blood since his childhood ..he created his own musical band in college name as JAMBOYz ..

Both of them started their music career assisting Sajid-Wajid. Javed associated with them in Sonu Nigams musical album Deewana which was released in 1999, but, Mohsin joined them a tad later as he was completing his graduation and simultaneously assisting Mr. Eric Pillai who is a well known Renowned sound Engineer in Bollywood Music Industry. While working with them, Javed-Mohsin developed some acquaintances and that sprang forth their first musical event, which was held in Mumbai in 2001. Javed-Mohsin did a musical experiment which brought the show phenomenal success.

They re-created the Indian version of three classic overseas songs; 1958 released Latin flavored rock Tequila by The Champs, 1993 released Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz and 2000 released Reggae fusion song It Wasnt Me from Jamaican-American Singer and Deejay, Shaggys blockbuster album Hot Shot. Particularly It Wasnt Me was an instant hit. Javed-Mohsin had re-created that in brash Haryanvi and made Ajay Jigraan sing that. Sonu Nigams Deewanas Bijuria Bijuria fame Lyricist, Late Ajay Jigraan was their friend, who had that brash accent. Javed-Mohsin knew their version of It Wasnt Me would work in his voice, more in his style and they were right. In the same show, they had renowned Tabla player, Taufiq Qureshi and Drummer, Adrian do the entwined twins (Jugalbandi). After that event, Javed-Mohsin embarked on conceptualizing and designing musical events.

Re-creation became their signature. They also began doing jingles for lowe lintas with Radiospots TV Commercial , Internet and Background Music . Since then, they never had to sit idle; they always had offers in their kitty. So far, they have more than 75 musical events and countless jingles to their credit, and over 500 their own compositions, for which the path to light has been paved now.

What brings Javed and Mohsin together?

Javed has seen Mohsin take birth and grow up before him, see he has always been fond of him. As their family has been a close-knit family, so they got to bond with one another regularly. Further, both of them started working together.

Having completed their day job, Javed would sit on Piano and re-create old songs and Mohsin would croon to add to the effect. This is where Javed and Mohsin learnt that they are the obvious partner for each other; they realized that cutting a niche for them in this industry would be easier if they come together.

Javed and Mohsin gel, and gel organically because they complement each other, balance each other. Individually, Javed is a superb arranger and multi-instrumentalist, has the sense of classical, international and soulful music, whereas Mohsin makes catchy tunes, has lyric sense and singing ability. But together, they become musician composer creator of not just music, but Magic. AND THE MAGIC HAS JUST BEGUN, MY FRIEND!

Written By:-Ravi K Narayan